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I had no ad background. No big agency internship. No chance in hell. Just delusions of literary grandeur. Taught myself the art of copy and took on any gig I could find. Jazzed up coupons and star bursts with urgent call-to-action copy before landing a bigger gig to proofread obituaries. Worked with some talented folks on some really cool brands. Had a few crazy ideas along the way. Today, I’m a writer, lateral thinker, and experimental misfit. I can’t imagine doing anything else. Enough blah-blah already.

Grain - the World's Smallest Sushi

Are we so consumed by all things big that we lose ourselves in them?
What if fulfilment rests on a grain?
What if we can find purpose in small things?
Like humility, simplicity, and even significance?
Take rice, the staple food for the world. A grain so humble and infinitesimal.
Yet, a cradle of life for so many.
Seek out the small.
For within them, we find greatness.

This is a personal art project to find significance in the small.