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I had no ad background. No big agency internship. No chance in hell. Just delusions of literary grandeur. Taught myself the art of copy and took on any gig I could find. Jazzed up coupons and star bursts with urgent call-to-action copy before landing a bigger gig to proofread obituaries. Worked with some talented folks on some really cool brands. Had a few crazy ideas along the way. Today, I’m a writer, lateral thinker, and experimental misfit. I can’t imagine doing anything else. Enough blah-blah already.

What's Your Title?

What does your mum have to say about your job title?
Three competitive Asian mothers are innocently bragging about their children's perceived accomplishments, using dubious titles to emphasize the bad job fit that many people face in their careers.

Client: GMP Recruitment
Agency: Publicis Singapore
Executive Creative Director: Ajay Vikram
Creative Director: Robert Upton
Art Directors: James Loh, Xiulu Chua, Jing
Copywriters: Evonne Chia, Jody Yeoh
Agency Producer: Annie Ang
Client Servicing: Lena Liew, Charmane Foo, Kai Qi Khoo
Director: Yang (Momentum)
Producers: Hazel Ngiam, Pervyn Lim